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Research and commercial vessel used for initial placement of substrate.


Resource:    The company currently owns and operates a two-acre underwater leased site in the northern Florida Keys on the Atlantic side.  The State of Florida lease number is 44-AQ-305 and the State of Florida Aquaculture certificate Number is AQ7554002.  In general, the site is located 2.75 miles off-shore in 20 feet of water.  The site is mostly sand bottom lying amongst thousands of surrounding natural patch reefs.  At present the company has planted thousands of pounds of substrate rock on the site for natural settling of corals and other organisms.  After a few years of being down on the site, the rock will be ready for sale to the marine aquarium industry.

Mission:    The company is continuing to develop the site by substantial additions of substrate so as to devise a man-made, controllable, underwater substructure for marine and underwater aspects of research.  Specifically, the initial activity will effect an underwater, natural laboratory for use by Universities and research companies and will enable the exploration and cultivation of marine specimens with environmental and medicinal value.  This site is envisioned to also be used for the observation and propagation of endangered marine species.