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Mariculture Technologies International, Inc. (MTI) is making available custom results from its Aquaculture Process Model believing that such results are invaluable to Entrepreneurs and Investors considering Aquaculture. Since the amount and nature of quantitative information required for a simulation run may be intimidating to those with limited experience, MTI also offers consulting services.

"An Economic and Operational Model for the Grow-out of Florida Pompano in Sea Cages" was presented on March 1, 2007 at Aquaculture 2007 in San Antonio and those Slides plus Notes are available using the link above. A full technical paper is being prepared and will when complete replace the Slides/Notes.

Work is also underway to extend the Sea Cage Model (as well as to update it) to other configurations which will become available at this Website. For those Models completed, the Scenarios and Reports are available from the Database Link above.

The values used in the published Models are representative making the results similarly representative rather than specific to individual Installations. One route to specific cases is to take advantage of MTI's experience both with the mechanics of the Computer Simulation software and in Aquaculture Operations. MTI is offering these services ("Test Your Plan" link above).