Michael F. McMaster, President of Mariculture Technologies International, Inc. (established 1984) and Pompano Farms, LLC (established 2008). Operational divisions (DBA's ) Northeast Brine Shrimp and Inland Ocean. Mr. McMaster is a Marine Fishery Biologist and a well known and respected practitioner of mariculture technologies with 35 years of commercial experience in his field. Mr. McMaster is among the first marine biologists to successfully develop commercial methods for the mass culture of marine rotifers and unicellular marine algae (published, 1970). Further, Mr. McMaster was the first scientist to develop a fully integrated farming methodology for the year round production of the marine food fish, the Florida Pompano (1974). McMaster was instrumental in the design, construction and operation of the first two commercial tropical marine fin fish and brine shrimp farms in the Western Hemisphere (Oceanography Mariculture plant DR -1974, and Ocean Farming Systems, Fl 1978.) Additional and successful business projects included Little Ocean, Inc (1981), Florida Brine Shrimp (1985) and Northeast Brine Shrimp, Inc. (1995). He has raised in excess of 50 different marine species for both the seafood and ornamental fish industries worldwide. McMaster has carefully selected each team member for their specific areas of expertise; this team has been working together for 10 to 35 years and lends continuity and stability to the operation. MTI, Inc. team members have actively been involved in projects in; The Dominican Republic, Belize, Panama, Barbados, The Grenadines, Columbia, Mexico and Egypt. McMaster has been published on numerous occasions and is a member of several professional associations.

McMaster is presently involved with the further development of Northeast Brine Shrimp (DBA) which has been relocated from Allentown, Pa. to Oak Hill, Florida (2001) and Pompano Farms, LLC experimental low salinity earthen pond mariculture pilot project and recent initiation of MTI, Inc. newest project, Inland Ocean (2009) which is a pilot recreational fee fishing business that utilizes value added farm produced fish.

John F. Coburn, Ph.D. (Chemistry, Yale), was Senior Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Food Technology, and the Director of the Food Manufacturing Technology Facility, U.S. Defense Logistics Agency Subsistence Center of Excellence, and USAID/Egypt Agriculture Led Export Business Project Technical Support (all at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey).  Dr. Coburn's experience over the last 40 years (including Exxon Enterprises, Exxon Research & Engineering Co. and the Rutgers Center for Advanced Information Processing) in a variety of science, business, and technology transfer roles is a valuable asset to MTI which he joined full-time in 2005.

Thomas C. Kloth, MS (Marine Biology) has had 30 years of experience in the field of marine biology with extensive work in fish physiology with an emphasis on reproductive physiology.  Extensive work done in the areas of marine fish holding system design, management, and environmental impact evaluations.  All of Mr. Kloth's professional experience has been gained in private industry.

James Eckelt has 25 years of experience as a building contractor with recent emphasis on mariculture projects including brine shrimp and fin fish farms.  Mr. Eckelt holds State contractors licenses in Maryland and Florida.  His experience in construction, design, management, building techniques, material and extensive trade contacts make him an invaluable asset to MTI.