Beta Carotene
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Beta Meal

The natural source for antioxidants & color enhancement for fish and shrimp

(spray dried D. Salina® algal powder)

Replacement for Live Algae Cultures

Beta meal is a spray dried powder derived from the naturally occurring salt water algae, Dunallailla salina, it contains 2% beta carotene.  Each gram of Beta Meal contains not less than 20 milligrams of beta carotene.  It has a typical bulk density of 0.6 g/cc and more than 90% passes through 40 mesh.


Beta Meal can be used as a feed for prawn, fish, clams, corals and certain other species.  It can be used to impart a color to live prawn and fish.  It can also be used as a supplement in animal feeds to improve fertility and health.

Since carotenes are subject to oxidation, the product should have minimal exposure to light.  It should be stored in its original container where its shelf life should be at least 24 months.  Each package has a net weight of 12 kg and a certificate of analysis is provided with each lot.  Also available in one pound containers.

Beta meal is an inexpensive substitute for mass culturing of living Phytoplankton.  Try it and you'll be amazed!

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