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Welcome to Mariculture Technologies International, Inc. (M.T.I.)

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M.T.I. is an
Advanced Marine Technology Company specializing in Mariculture of fish,
algae and brine shrimp

MTI Corporate Brochure

Mariculture is farming of saltwater organisms
either at sea or on land.




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  While Mariculture Technologies International (MTI) is aimed at consulting services for mariculture projects worldwide, Northeast Brine Shrimp (NEBS) offers products to the aquarium trade.

MTI, Inc. was founded 1984 as a Florida corporation by Michael F. McMaster.  Mr. McMaster is an accomplished Marine Biologist with 30 years of Mariculture including extensive SCUBA diving experience and also serves as MTI President.

M.T.I. at a glance.....

Consultancy & Services:

Mariculture Business Planning and Management

Business Plan Assessment (Mariculture, Aquaculture, Pet Industry)

Business Financing Assistance (USA Only)

Farm Design and Equipment Sourcing

Marine Finfish Hatchery Design and Operation

Hatchery Live Food Systems and Operation

Contracted Production of Marine Finfish

Technology Assessment

Technology Transfer, Training & Licensing

New Products Development

Live Seafood Holding Systems and Management

Mariculture Supplies and Equipment

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